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Robert VadeBonCoeur



Sales Associate

Robert is a businessman and an entrepreneur. He has a passion for cultivating relationships with people, an eye for detail, and the ability to excel in rapidly paced environments where smart decisions need to be made swiftly. His love of real estate and his goal of aligning himself with a “rock star” team, led him to join the Studebaker Smith Group.

Prior to this, Robert spent twenty-years working in upper-management for Blistex Inc. - the global lip balm manufacturer. During this tenure and combined with his MBA from DePaul University, Robert established strong expertise in areas of customer service, contracts and negotiations, finance, technology, thought leadership, and more. These traits have laid the foundation for him to excel within the residential real estate vertical.

Robert lives in Scottsdale with his husband, Enrique, three dogs, and one cat. He is a caregiver to his mother and her boyfriend. Robert and Enrique are in the process of adopting a child internationally.

Robert is dedicated to giving back and helping others. He has long supported Feed My Starving Children as well as Chances 4 Children, the latter where he and Enrique sponsor two young brothers in Haiti with food and basic medical necessities. Additionally, Robert and Enrique support a very impoverished orphanage comprised of ~30-children south of the US/Arizona border in Mexico. And, as of April 2019, Robert is excited to be a board member for Gift of Adoption, a nationwide non-profit that helps adoptive parent(s) complete their adoption process via grant money.