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Jeremy Lentine



Sales Associate

Jeremy is our team’s most careful thinker, and his methodical and detail-oriented approach is a balance within a team of fast decision makers. As an extension of his calculated way of thinking, Jeremy received both a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Finance from ASU.

While Jeremy began his career in the investment world, 2007 marked his transition into real estate with a focus on developing and restructuring residential communities and commercial properties. With over one billion dollars worth of real estate transactions under his belt, Jeremy is an exceptionally knowledgeable advocate for our clients. He is also a great ally for people who are seeking investment properties or who plan to remodel their home after purchase, as he flips several properties a year and has an uncanny ability to see value where others may not.

Jeremy, Adrianne, and their three children (Braylen, Winston, and Georgia) live in the Arcadia area and believe there is no better place to raise their family.