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Grant Wilson



Sales Associate

Grant's purpose is to serve people and serve them on a massive scale, efficiently and properly. Grant decided to invest his natural talents with people and sale skills into real estate. His passion for real estate includes, residential sales, new home builds, and investor opportunities.

Having grown up being a multi-sport athlete in football, track and field, and lacrosse; Grant learned how to develop his natural grit and determination to accomplish any task that was before him. When Grant puts his mind to something, truthfully, its not a matter of if it will happen, only when.

Grants passions in life include daily meditation, traveling the world, being introduced to new cultures and perspectives, enjoying the beauties of nature, and giving to people on some level everyday. He tries to perform a random act of kindness to impact a person’s life in a positive way every day, with his mantra being, “The more I give the more I will receive”. Grant finds great pleasure in giving to people whether through business, charities, or small everyday interactions with people.