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Drew deLeon



Sales Associate

Growing up in Laguna Hills California during the late 80’s and early 90’s I saw the up’s and down’s of the real estate industry. A common track home in Southern California during that time was 300k-700k and the luxury market was $1,000,000 plus. Those price points are very reflective to the Valley market today. During that time I experienced hearing what types of challenges sellers and buyers would have as my father held a real estate broker’s license and my best friend’s dad owned a large mortgage banking operation. The 2 important businesses for home ownership never seemed to work hand in hand to give the client the best possible experience. I always felt there had to be a way to streamline these business operations together to offer professional expertise and ultimately giving the client a superior experience. My first career job after graduating college was in the real estate services industry. In 1998 I was hired on as a loan officer here in Arizona to help clients with their home’s financing. From 1998-2006 I worked hand in hand with agents Valleywide. Many agents came into the business and left within years of becoming an agent. During this time I noticed that the customer experience was not a focal point, agents could not properly educate a client to the true current market let alone the ability to think ahead of the market. Also equally important agents were scared to notify clients of a problem and to solve that problem. Therefore I obtained my real estate license in 2006. I became an experienced dual capacity agent offering lending and Realtor services. I created the one stop shop experience for clients. The Lion Real Estate Group is modeled to set a client up for success whether buying or selling a home. This success comes from a passion to market and sell my clients homes for top dollar which is a derivative from on the job learning with over 1000 successful sales ( Zillow has over 750 recorded successes on their website under my name alone ) and the passion to make your experience a platinum one. My passion for marketing systems or “ Hunting “ means in short: For a seller this means finding a buyer who is willing to pay top dollar but also has the ability to close. While “ Hunting “ for a home buyer is finding the home that is compelling for your needs. Whether you are a home seller, home buyer or both you gain a seasoned professional who has a track record and network of successes with other agents to help give you a competitive advantage. I joined Platinum Living Realty, a luxury residential real estate brokerage based in Scottsdale to offer my clients a “ Platinum Experience “. We have 5 offices in Maricopa county in which to serve you. me with confidence that you bought in the right location, at a great price and that your home will serve you and your family for years to come.